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 I have a yellow haired Persian/mainecoon mix. He does have long hair as well so I brush him at least once a week. He is an indoor cat, so he doesn't get dirty as such. I try to do it several times a week but sometimes he just won't have it so…ya know. Tonight was a good night. He rolled over on command so I could get his belly and as a reward I gave him a little milk as an after dinner snack. He was very pleased. He is my baby. I don’t have any kids (am not sure I want any) but my Simba is my little man. I spoil him because of it, but he’s not overweight (which is a concern for indoor cats), he's well behaved, he’s clean and he’s well fed. He gets milk once or twice a week and canned mixed with his dry once a day. And I always buy his favorite dry food (Friskies Seafood) whether I have to scrape pennies or not. He has a sensitive digestive system because of his mixed heritage so when I found a brand he liked – that didn't make him sick- I kept at it. Once in a while, for variation I buy a different flavor – but always Friskies. He really likes surf and turf, too. :D

I tried Fancy Feast moist this week. He seemed to like it so another to add to the list for something different once in a while.


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